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Guild wars 2 quick way to make gold

A new player told me what is Guild wars 2 quick way to make gold. "I don't want to spend all day on the game, but I want the shiny things. Any ideas to help a lady out?" There is no malware/exploits, it's simply a blog sharing Guild Wars 2 gold making techniques, guides and strategies.

This is easy. I go into my region of choice (usually with a higher level region) with a character, I prefer my ranger, and go on a killing spree from one end of the region to the other. I hit every event on the way, every heart, every poi, etc. Along the way, I clear out my inventory by depositing all mats and checking the prices of every last item at the TP. If I get more from a TP sale (estimated profits, not the prices listed that doesn't reflect the aNet tax), then I sell at TP. If an item merchs for less than 10c, I salvage it. I salvage all salvage items and open all bags. I open all unID'ed dyes. This is important. With dyes, check the TP pricing. Some dyes sell for a small fortune. Leveling my last toon to 80, I wound up with about 11gold left over from leveling that didn't go to buying gear every 5 levels.

I hit some jumping puzzles daily - the three in LA, a few others - for the chests. It's usually never great stuff but every cent counts. Finally, every 3 - 6 weeks I sell all my mats at the TP. I usually get about 25 gold - 45 gold each time I do this. I dont bother crafting anything and have maxed each craft to 400 on at least one toon anyway. With that said, I have no use for most mats anyway but al;ways hit every node I can. Always carry extra harvesting tools.

1.Follow the zerg in Straits of Devastation. Players have found a way to do dynamic events in a manner results in a never ending chain. Each event rewards a good amount of exp, gold and karma. Pop a karma booster for more karma. This is by far the best way of earning gold and karma. The downside is that it is a very boring method.

2.Caudecus' Manor. This level 40 dungeon is truly the easiest dungeon to grind. A good group of players can clear this dungeon in 15minutes. Each completion rewards 13 silver as well as plenty of level dependent loot to salvage. This is a great way to farm gold and crafting mats like gossamer scraps and orichulam ores. The downside is that it does not reward karma. It can also turn into quite a grind.

3.Citadel of Flames. This dungeon's reward is not as good as Caudecus' Manner. However, I noticed it tends to drop quite a nice amount of loot bags which give crafting mats like bones and vials of blood. Selling those on the trading post can result in quite a bit of profit. One nice upside is that is is quite challenging which makes it a nice alternative to the easy yet boring Caudecus' Manor.