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Blood and Madness is the new patch for Guild Wars 2

Bloody Prince emerges: Halloween is coming and Tassi master instruments are detecting an unusual energy. The Mad King is not the only one going through the barrier between the realms:be prepared to bite the son of Oswald Thorn, Edrick, Blood Prince!
Doors of the Kingdom Crazy:Are appearing throughout Kryta enchanted doors, where the brave dare ask travelers can trick-or!
The Mad King's Maze:Bloody Prince has taken over part of the Mad King's Labyrinth! Is controlling the armies of undead in the Mad King's reign while his father retains command of plastic spiders, candy elementals and other horrors holidays. The skeletal lich, the great Viscount candies and labyrinthine horror await intruders.
Clock Tower of Mad King: rise up to the growing madness in the clock tower of the Mad King,the most maddening jump test of Tyria! Will you be able to reach the top in time?
Lunatic Inquisition: Unite to madness and chaos of Player versus Player with Lunatic Inquisition, where you will play as a villager, desperate to survive, or a courtier lunatic and insane. DISCOVERsurvival tools and secrets hidden in the maze and try to survive the night!
And as always the day before the live broadcast will have official channel on Guild Wars 2 chat with ArenaNet developers where you will have all the news of this next update on the occasion of the festival of Halloween.